Alpine architecture in the northern Italian mountain resort of Ponte di Legno (Brescia): Lissoni Associati has completed the project 75 Café & Lounge. The bistro with a wine bar is located in a typical residential building in the centre of the village. The team, led by the internationally renowned Milanese architect and designer Piero Lissoni, has undertaken the restoration of the exterior. Lissoni Associati was also responsible for the redesign of the interiors at ground floor level. The creative goal was the contemporary reinterpretation of Alpine architecture. Therefore the comfort and rustic charm of a mountain hut is combined with the chic of Milan.

Alpine architecture of the facade: a combination of tradition and modernity

The starting point was a traditional, three-storey residential building with a gable roof and narrow balconies. Lissoni Associati covered the facades at street level with fine, darkly stained larch wood and additionally opened them through floor-to-ceiling windows with subtle metal profiles. Furthermore, a simple, stone round arch marks the entrance. Behind it there is the door of solid wood. Thus the outer appearance is characterised by a harmonious combination of traditional and modern set pieces and materials.

Alpine architecture in the interior: preserving an intimate mountain hut atmosphere

The interior with the 75 Café & Lounge on the ground floor has been fundamentally redesigned by the architects. Previously, a small-scale division of several rooms had prevailed. Lissoni has transformed this into a single, open area which is now divided into three compartments: The bar with counter, a central room with tables and benches and an adjacent lounge. At the same time the intimate atmosphere of a mountain hut is preserved. The use of warm wood and coarse natural stone for the wall design also contributes to this. This is because they contrast with monochrome wall surfaces, minimalist furniture objects and the discreet lighting.

Objects such as the ceiling lamp made of deer antlers or the long, custom-made wooden panel of the counter playfully process stylistic codes of Alpine culture. The insertion of rustic and handcrafted objects visibly adds warmth to the atmosphere. In contrast, the carefully curated bar with its wine collection in a fully glazed refrigerator, the wire mesh display cases, the flooring of brushed granite recall the elegance of northern Italian cities.

Piero Lissoni about the 75 Café & Lounge:

“The tranquil village of Ponte di Legno lies in a valley between wooded mountains, at the foot of the massive Presena glacier. Tourism is an important economic sector. At the same time ‘Ponte’ has a lively culture and has preserved much of its traditional way of life. The openness for the new and the appreciation of the old, which can be felt in the village, inspired me to design the 75 Café & Lounge. Facades and interiors are thus contemporary”.

Project 75 Café & Lounge
Year of completion: 2019
Location: Via S. Antonio, 3, 25056 Ponte di Legno BS, Italy
Design Team: Piero Lissoni with Mattia Susani, Tania Zaneboni, Roberto Berticelli
Styling: Studio Salaris

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Images: 75 Café & Lounge in Ponte di Legno
Photo ©Thomas Pagani