designfunktion is Germany’s leading planning and furnishing company for the working world. They supported PIABO PR in the creation of a modern interior design concept. The aim was to equip the future office with an agile work environment and flexible structures in order to provide a spatial response to the rapid developments in the industry. The result is a dynamic multispace office that enables activity-based working with a wide range of space options. It is an office concept that offers an appropriate agile work environment for various activities. Communications agency PIABO, is the leading full-service PR partner for the digital economy. designfunktion Berlin was responsible for the project in cooperation with Vitra.

Every opinion counts – employees play a major role
According to the recent Fraunhofer IAO study a successful transformation of the working world depends on commitment and involvement of management and employees. All 45 PIABO employees were intensively involved in the design process via online surveys and workshops on work and usage behaviour. Founder and CEO Tilo Bonow was involved in the entire process: “The active participation of all employees was important to us from the very beginning. In this way we wanted to inspire not only our current and future employees, but also customers and partners. An agile work environment and flexible structures are of central importance to us in order to map physical and digital cooperations with international clients. Instead of a mere office, an aesthetic working world must be created where everyone can find the right setting for their needs”.

Successful planning requires experts
Based on the survey and workshop results of the analysis, the office, design, colour and material concept were then developed. designfunktion was also responsible for the acoustic concept, the lighting design and the product concept for special areas.

The result: flexible and agile work environment for creative work
The result is a dynamic multispace and agile work environment with a lot of space options for concentrated work, retreat, co-creation and meetings. The New Office concept is based on flexibility and aesthetics.
With a smart modular system, open areas can be divided into smaller areas with multi-layer acoustic curtains. Soundproof room-in-room systems, a relaxation room and discussion rooms enable the balancing act between communication and concentrated work. Accordingly, there are various possibilities for interchange for employees, customers and partners. For example, the largest meeting room can be extended to form a spacious event area. Attention is also paid to flexibility in detail: Height-adjustable tables and ergonomically shaped office chairs enable every employee to work with agility.

Well prepared for the future
“Thanks to the changeable design components, the new rooms serve as office, event location, round tables as well as workshop and production facility at the same time”, states Tilo Bonow. “From a variety of options, everyone can choose exactly the working environment that is best for them personally. And, of course, with new tools we can react faster to changes.”

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Pictures: PIABO PR offices in Berlin
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