Swiss textile editeur Christian Fischbacher will present its new textile collection for spring 2020 at PARIS DÉCO OFF from 16.01 to 20.01.20 with new carpets as well as decorative and upholstery fabrics.

Deco Collection 2020: A journey through Latin America

Inspired by the work of the painter Frida Kahlo and the naive style of Mexican craftsmanship, rich designs and colour compositions unfold. The motifs of the decoration and upholstery fabrics are extroverted. Thus the design studio translates the luxuriant flora of the rainforest into abstract flowers and leaves, combined with a vivid colourfulness. A poetic mood is created by the skilful arrangement and superimposition of the motifs painted by hand in watercolours. Fabrics with finely nuanced surfaces and structures touch with their handcrafted and yet noble character. They tell of deserts, landscape formations and the warm shades of burnt earth. Unbleached linen lies rough in the hand. Christian Fischbacher celebrates its character by using the material unmixed. From the beauty of natural materials also derives the colourfulness: red earth, clay and desert colours as well as soft natural tones.

Another theme of the collection is to recognise the beauty of the old and interpret it in a new way. Whether antique arch forms, statues of gods with their floor-length robes or sun-bleached surfaces – origins and quotations blend into a modern fabric melange. The softly flowing, velvety and finely shining fabrics appear both sophisticated and minimalistic. The colour palette includes subdued moods ranging from off-white, beige, stone, gold and silver tones to sage and blue variations. Typical for Christian Fischbacher is the wide range of innovative yarn blends and weaving techniques. They create patterns with great expressiveness, which at the same time convince through functionality such as flame retardancy and biodegradability.

Carpet Collection 2020: Craftsmanship and Modernity Merge

With his new carpet collection 2020 Christian Fischbacher lets handicraft and modernism melt together. The new flat-woven carpets are an expression of experience and skill. Ready-made statement pieces divide the room. Their soft pile gives warmth and well-being. Modernity meets craftsmanship: chenille and fancy yarns in an elaborate jacquard weave provide plasticity and a blaze of colour. To achieve this, the studio uses exclusively single-coloured cotton chenille yarns and yarn blends, whose construction allows for amazing plastic designs. Some carpets are refined by transfer printing. Classics of the fabric collection and new designs lay the expressive design signature of Christian Fischbacher at the feet of the viewer.

PARIS DÉCO OFF16.01. – 20.01.2020
Christian Fischbacher Showroom
20 Rue du Mail
75002 Paris

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Images: Spring collection Christian Fischbacher.

Photo ©Christian Fischbacher