The PR Agency for Architecture, Design and New Work
The PR Agency for Architecture, Design and New Work

SEA — Search Engine Advertising

Increase Brand Presence with Search Engine Advertising (SEA) — or Do You Want to Leave the Best Google Positions to The Competition?

The placement of paid advertisements on the results pages of search engines such as Google or Bing has become a compulsory programme for companies — the danger is too great that the competition will buy the top position with your name as a search term.

However, SEA campaigns such as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) have become a complex process in which numerous parameters such as target group settings, bidding options, quality factor, conversion tracking and defining the most relevant keywords must be considered. At hicklvesting, we analyse your promising keywords and understand the search behaviour of your target customers based on our years of experience as a PR agency for the architecture, design and new work industries. Paid campaigns are indisputably a very efficient method for increasing traffic and leads and compared to offline advertising, offer a high degree of measurability and the possibility of short-term optimisation.

We help you understand an important online marketing discipline and increase your brand presence with performance-oriented campaigns!

  • My sales model is working — why do I need online advertising?
  • Do I need SEA even if I don’t have an online shop?
  • My target group is very small — can I reach it at all with SEA?

Whether B2C or B2B: the world is going digital — and so is your target group!

Hardly any business model that was once thought to be safe has been able to withstand the dynamics of digitalisation. Whether you offer a niche product or a very specialised service, your target group is guaranteed to buy and obtain information online — or do you know anyone who still calls directory enquiries? Digital marketing such as SEA and SEO also helps B2B companies achieve new potential. Strengthen your sales with an increased reach and additional leads. Whether it’s “sustainable design light” or “office planning for agile working“— we at hicklvesting analyse search behaviour and search intention and user interests from the perspective of experts in architecture, design and new work to develop customised, industry-specific Paid Search & Google Ads campaigns for your products and services — even for small target groups and industry niches. It’s a people-to-people business first. Then it’s digital.

  • What are the advantages of SEA over print ads?
  • Where does the ad traffic end up on my website?
We shed light on the SEA jungle: increase your visibility with efficient ads
We shed light on the SEA jungle: increase your visibility with efficient ads

Measurability as USP: convert visitors into customers with SEA, SEO and the right landing page!

In contrast to a full-page ad in a print journal, which generates costs but whose immediate effect cannot be measured, the strength of digital marketing metrics such as SEA lie in their measurability. With SEA, you buy qualified traffic from search engines that leads targeted potential customers to your website. As an industry-specialised agency, we not only set up the entire SEA campaign for you and write crisp ad texts — to increase success we consistently analyse all data and generate valuable insights for further campaigns — including the optimisation of your landing page. This is where SEA and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) intertwine because visitors who reach you via your SEA ad in the SERPs (search engine results pages) should be kept on your website with the right content and wording and turned into customers. Benefit from our content and lead generation expertise and our experience in strategy and implementation in data-driven marketing!

We achieve successful ad placements for you with well-researched keywords, landing pages tailored to your target group and transparent budget planning!

With a SEA campaign you leave your competitors far behind!
Our SEA Services:
  • SEA analysis: status quo of your SEA account and/or creation of a first ad account
  • SEA strategy and budget planning advice
  • Google AdWords: operational creation of customised campaigns (development of a relevant keyword set)
  • Conversion tracking and synchronisation with Google Analytics
  • Campaign monitoring and optimisation
  • Remarketing campaigns
How We Work: Our References
Increase Site Traffic with Google Ads

Increase Site Traffic with Google Ads

Our SEA Campaign Gets Potential Customers to the Manufacturer's Website
Lead-generating search engine advertising for Kettnaker is key in a highly competitive environment.
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