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Influencer Marketing

Next Generation Public Relations: Increase Your Brand Awareness with Influencers!

It is increasingly the brand ambassadors and design aficionados who draw end customers’ attention to architecture and design trends via blogs and social media. On Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or a blog with millions of clicks, they conquer a constantly growing community and manifest their position in the advertising industry. Thanks to our long-standing blogger and influencer relations, we are also able to stage your brand effectively within your target group. As an agency, we increase the awareness of your company, create trust in your brand and expand its reach at the same time.

An influencer cooperation is about the ideal match between you, the client, and the influencer. The focus is therefore on the selection criteria for the influencer and the design of the cooperation.

  • What are the key factors that determine the success of an influencer cooperation?
  • Which influencer and which social media channel is suitable for my brand?
  • What do I have to pay attention to when designing the cooperation?

Be sure: whether big brands or small brands, micro-influencers or macro-influencers — the size of your company is unimportant. The success of the influencer can be reflected in an industry niche or on an international stage. With the power of your story and the right influencer partner, a boost in perception opens for your brand!

Our mission at hicklvesting is: It’s a people-to-people business first. Then it’s digital. The knowledge of people’s special interests, their work focusses and motivations are the starting point of our work. Among them, you will also find the right partners for you!

Your brand ambassador impresses with interest and enthusiasm

In an online mapping, we evaluate your communication landscape and define your target groups. We research suitable brand ambassadors, analyse community interactions and create a ranking specifically adapted to your brand. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Instagram icons like Chiara Ferragni or Heidi Klum, on which channel your brand is presented or how large the community of an Instagram star is: it’s only the properly developed influencer relationship that makes the brand tangible for a large target group and creates the added value you want.

Influencer Marketing brings your brand to life: we create the right situations to get people talking about your product
Influencer Marketing brings your brand to life: we create the right situations to get people talking about your product


With the right content, the influencer creates trust for your brand

Are you active on social media but not yet achieving the desired interaction rate with your community?

Sometimes product posts have too little effect on the way to greater range and awareness. As an industry-specialised communications agency, we develop creative, authentic storytelling for you as part of our content creation, perfectly suited to cooperation with the relevant influencers and bloggers. A story can be told in different ways in a variety of formats: from blog articles to posts, stories and guides to hero events. In this way, we arouse emotions about the brand and increase interactions.


We take influencer marketing in our hands for you

You don’t have the capacity to deal with influencer marketing in your everyday business?

As an agency, we take care of contacting the influencer or blogger, agreeing on the cooperation and designing and implementing the campaign. Within the trusting cooperation, we accompany the selection of the topics, secure the conditions and control all measures in detail. Step by step, we supervise the implementation of the cooperation and document the results for you.

We know the relevant ambassadors: Let's bring your stories to life!
Our Influencer Marketing Agency Services:
  • Creation of an online mapping to analyse your communication landscape
  • Identification of influencers from the Architecture, Design and New Work sectors
  • Content creation of marketing content
  • Design and implementation of Influencer Marketing campaigns
  • Organisation of events
  • Evaluation and reporting of results and key figures
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