On behalf of the German Design Council, we would like to invite you to a panel discussion on the 8thApril 2019 at 4pm in the Via Tortona 31. The topic of discussion will be “Disruption through design: challenging our current system of production and consumption”.

The Fridays for Future movement is finding worldwide resonance and more and more students are taking action in the name of climate protection. The younger generation is calling for radical ecological change. But how can we change our current production systems and consumption habits to create more justice between generations and different sections of the world’s population? Is it possible to rethink our production and consumption conditions within the existing system? Or does the moderate use of resources require more far-reaching, radical approaches? What role does design play at the interface between the manufacturer and consumer? How can designers become the catalysts of urgent change and contribute to opening up new avenues of endeavor?

Joining us for the discussion will be:
_Essi Johanna Glomb, Founder & Head of Design, Blond & Bieber
_Filippo Lodi, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management, UNStudio
_Maurizio Montalti, Founder and Creative Director, Officina Corpuscoli
_Melusine Reimers, Managing Director of Readymade

Moderator: Karianne Fogelberg, Design Theorist & Curator, UnDesignUnit  

Via Tortona, 31
20144 Milan

Monday 8th April 2019
16:00 – 17:30