Panel discussion on the impact of digitalisation on architecture and urban planning

As part of build-up to the awards ceremony for the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture competition a panel discussion will take place on the 7th of October 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. The topic “Zooming in on the City: Architecture in the Digital Age” will discuss a top-class circle of experts. The panellists are Carlo Ratti, Director MIT Senseable City Lab, Cambridge, USA and Werner Frosch, Henning Larsen as well as Peter Haimerl, Peter Haimerl Architektur and Linda Stannieder, Graft Brandlab GmbH.

The future is now.

Not only is the digital age changing the processes by which we design and create buildings. It is also altering the very matrix of our cities and thus also changes the perception of their appearance. What impact does this have on the way we relate to spaces and cities?

The focus of digitalisation is usually on its potential, advantages and benefits having a positive effect on everyday life. However, there are also challenges in terms of digitalisation. What are the problems that arise concerning architecture and urban planning? And to what extent do they create potential for an architecture to focus once more on community?

Contemporary architects are experimenting with new building typologies, urban planning interventions and data-driven approaches. Besides, they are also dealing with new strategies for working with architectural traditions and existing housing stock in the regions. They see architecture as an ongoing process. It consists of exploring new ideas, and grasping present opportunities to test out visions aimed at the future. And their interests are not confined to large urban agglomerations – there is just as much focus on smaller cities in rural areas.

Can the dynamic development of data-supported methods also help to address complex challenges relating to interconnectedness, participation, mobility and climate protection?