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Perfect Matchmaking For Successful Design Collaboration

Perfect Matchmaking For Successful Design Collaboration

Our Impulse For The Connection of Christian Fischbacher With Hadi Teherani
Sales Communication
hicklvesting initiates creative conversations between architect and textile publisher for innovative collaboration.

The challenge:

For more than 200 years, the Swiss textile publisher Christian Fischbacher has been developing innovative furnishing fabrics for the private, commercial and outdoor sectors, whose materiality, manufacturing and design language are appreciated worldwide for their high quality and multiple application possibilities.

The aim of the cooperation with hicklvesting was to effectively increase active awareness of the current collections and their innovative content among key decision-makers in the architecture, hospitality and interior design industries. As part of the supporting sales communication, it was our role to identify relevant target persons for Christian Fischbacher and to establish personal contacts as door openers.


Our strategy:

We count on the quality of our organically grown network. The key to successful sales-supporting contact work is our long-standing sense for the goals and needs of our clients, whom we support as an impulse generator and moderator in sales cooperations.

Christian Fischbacher pioneers innovative, high-quality (recycled) fabrics with continuous research. The award-winning collections draw on a design language that fits harmoniously into room concepts and accentuates them. Numerous qualities meet the important requirements of architects and planners for use in buildings. The conceptual use of textiles in interior projects at a high-level is thus a demanding requirement for the ideal partner of Christian Fischbacher. Another important aspect for the perfect matchmaking hicklvesting identified in the cosmopolitan spirit of the textile brand which is to be strengthened and carried forward by a relevant cooperation.

Working together on the new fabric collection: Camilla Fischbacher (Creative Director Christian Fischbacher), architect and designer Hadi Teherani, Elke Malek (Head of Design Hadi Teherani Studio) [from right to left]. Photo © Christian Fischbacher
Working together on the new fabric collection: Camilla Fischbacher (Creative Director Christian Fischbacher), architect and designer Hadi Teherani, Elke Malek (Head of Design Hadi Teherani Studio) [from right to left]. Photo © Christian Fischbacher
“Contemporary Persia has been a unique journey for me to reflect Camilla‘s and my visions and translate them into a new, textile form.”
Hadi Teherani, Architect & Designer

The implementation:

The personal network of our managing director Barbara Hickl, herself an interior designer, includes the architect and designer Hadi Teherani for many years. His wide-ranging spectrum of work and the holistic design approach of his studio — with projects ranging from building architecture and interior design concepts to product design — make him the ideal partner for Christian Fischbacher.

Valuable business relationships grow in the right context: On the occasion of a press visit to Hamburg Barbara Hickl organized a blind date in form of a lunch in November 2019 where Hadi Teherani and Camilla Fischbacher, Creative Director of Christian Fischbacher, were able to get to know each other for the first time.

Hadi Tehrani’s expertise in developing modern interior concepts immediately became an important pulse beat in the conversation with Camilla Fischbacher. His approach to textiles in interior design, their utility and their potential as a design tool set off an inspiring dialogue. Special emphasis was placed on the many similarities between their Persian roots, which continue to influence the different lives and work of the two creatives to this day.


Hadi Teherani and Camilla Fischbacher share Persian roots: an important creative basis for the successful design collaboration. Photo © Christian Fischbacher
Hadi Teherani and Camilla Fischbacher share Persian roots: an important creative basis for the successful design collaboration. Photo © Christian Fischbacher
“The Contemporary Persia Collection has become a matter of the heart for Hadi and me, with a strength all of its own: cultural roots are deep inside you, they are often diffuse and not tangible. To find someone who understands this language without words is something special.”
Camilla Fischbacher, Creative Director Christian Fischbacher

The results:

The initial contact made through hicklvesting was followed by several meetings between Hadi Teherani and Camilla Fischbacher at their respective offices in Hamburg and St. Gallen. Teherani, who is used to switching fluidly between the roles of architect and interior designer belongs to Christian Fischbacher’s original target group with his holistic building projects, in which he regularly uses textiles as a design element.

In the intensive dialogue with the textile manufacturer – for which hicklvesting provided the decisive impetus – much more came into being: For Christian Fischbacher, Hadi Teherani not only took on the role of interior designer but also that of product designer, developing his own novel approaches. Together with Camilla Fischbacher Teherani and his design team created a new textile collection for Christian Fischbacher: The Contemporary Persia Collection. The collection’s furnishing fabrics and carpets reflect the geographic, architectural and cultural wealth and diversity of Persia in elegant and refined designs. So, as part of the design collaboration, the design team set out to trace their Persian roots – that design theme that formed the origin of their joint conversation for which hicklvesting provided the impetus. The Contemporary Persia Collection will be presented to the public for the first time at the Salone in Milan in June 2022. We are delighted to have been able to kick off this successful design journey and to accompany the launch of this extraordinary collection.

Our client:

Christian Fischbacher has been designing luxurious, qualitatively and aesthetically outstanding textiles for more than 200 years. The Swiss company is a globally active supplier of the finest furnishing fabrics, carpets, wallpapers, bed linen and home accessories for private, contract and outdoor use. Christian Fischbacher furnishes hotels, offices, concert halls, clinics as well as private jets and ships all over the world and is now run as a family business in the sixth generation.

Hadi Tehrani — born in 1954 in Tehran, raised in Hamburg — is an internationally renowned German architect and designer with projects in Germany, the Middle East and India. Projects range from large-scale urban development projects to private residences, as well as product design and interior design. In 2020, Hadi Teherani was honoured with the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany for his services in the field of architecture and design. At their offices in Hamburg, Tehran and Bangalore, Hadi Tehrani and his team plan international projects for metropolitan cities. The projects target atmospheric charisma, emotional urgency and an ecologically sound sustainability that is already laid out in the design.

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